Rattle Bells

Rattle Bells

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The ideal low cost trick for all times of the year; but during the Christmas period I often include it and call it "Jingle Bells" telling the children that the bells came off
Rudolf the red nose reindeer's collar.

You show three small bells and rattle each in turn, but only one of the bells ring.

The bells are mixed around and a spectator asked to pick up and rattle the bell that rings. The one he selects doesn't ring!

He is given a second choice with the same result, this bell also doesn't ring.

The bell left for you the performer is the only one that rings!

Can be repeated as often as you wish. Although the secret is not new and there are other models on the market with matchboxes, bars etc, all these require you to wear a long sleeved shirt or coat.

This amazing model can be performed in a short half sleeved shirt, which will also fool even magicians acquainted with the usual method.

Comes complete with bells & instructions. Ring for one today!

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