Carnival Ribbons - Sale Item

Carnival Ribbons - Sale Item

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Carnival Ribbons originated by Ian Adair in 1959 has become an all-round classic, the apparatus is self-contained and requires no body loads, Carnival Ribbons has become a firm favourite with both male & female performers alike, especialy those who feature doves or small animals.

A bunch of coloured ribbons swirled carnival style in the air are gathered together and shaken & then a live dove appears!

Alternatively, the colourful Ribbons can be magically produced from a piece of apparatus that you may already own and then, almost as an afterthought, a live dove mysteriously materialises from them.

Although originally designed for a dove, you could just as easily use them to produce a bottle of Champagne, a very large bundle of silks, or a bunch or two of Magicians' Spring Flowers!

Easy to do, Carnival Ribbons comes ready for you to use with Ian's own instructions. You provide the dove or other production item. Was £14.99 now 50% 0ff

Only £8.49

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