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Who says crime doesn't pay? Convicted is a fabulous comedy mental effect, a neat trick that is easy-to-do but never fails to win laughter and applause from your audience.

Do it anywhere-anytime; close-up, cabaret or stage. Always ready to perform.

Showing an A4 size sheet of paper attached to a lightweight board clipboard-style you tell a captivating story about your wealthy uncle Silas who worked in the local bank. “He was a marvel with figures,” you claim.

Anyone calls out a three-figure number that you write clearly upon the blank paper. Now you show how your uncle Silas used these freely chosen numbers to produce a different total, it is all quite fascinating for your audience to watch.

Finally, you produce a total from the freely chosen three-digit number, which you claim that uncle Silas would then deposit into his own account at the bank.

“Uncle Silas was also a magician/mentalist and has predicted the total on the back of the board!” You turn the board over to show the prediction is 100% correct but it turns out to be a picture of your sad uncle Silas locked in chains with the predicted amount showing as his convict number!

Here is a great effect that is ideal to put some clever humour into your performances. Convicted is very easy–to-do.

Convicted is, we confess, the perfect performance piece to provide a little humour and variety among your programmes’ stronger items. Don’t overlook its entertainment value!

Comes with laminated uncle Silas A4 picture, instructions & routine. Use your own felt tip pen & a few sheets of A4 size writing paper.

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