Intercepted Thoughts - Eddie Joseph

Intercepted Thoughts - Eddie Joseph

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Here is a mental effect that you can easily carry in your pocket for close-up performances and is also ideal for publicity use with newspaper reporters, as it is always ready to perform.

Once you have this special apparatus, you can proceed to demonstrate in a fair and most convincing manner that not only can you give interesting readings based on colour psychology, but that you can proceed to read their mind and correctly reveal the selected name of any person or any object that your spectator cares to think of!

Articles can be removed freely from all the spectator’s pockets and handbags – as many as they wish and laid out on the table. The spectator now freely (no force) thinks of any one they wish – nothing is written down or similar.

You now remove your five Colour Psychology Cards – these are five simple cards each a different colour and with letters of the alphabet repeated in different sequences on each one.

The participating spectator is now requested to look over the cards and to choose the ones whose letter relates to their freely thought of article. The cards are laid out in a row and you give a reading based on the colour psychology of the ones that the participant has chosen. Finally the colour cards are put away and the participant is told to merely THINK of the article they have freely chosen from among the many on the table.

Slowly as if intercepting the person’s thoughts, you reveal the EXACT article they are thinking about. No ifs and buts absolutely 100% correct! If you are of an artistic bent you can even correctly draw the chosen article on the back of your business card which you then give the person as a keepsake of the day you read their mind!

In an alternative presentation you can allow the spectator to think of the first name of any person present – which you correctly reveal to everyone’s complete astonishment.

The effect is also suitable for a two-person ‘telepathy style’ presentation – one person leaves the room and the other person has an object selected and gives a short psychological colour reading and then the ‘medium’ returns – yet still she can correctly reveal the chosen object or name!

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