Astro Numerology

Astro Numerology

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An intriguing mental prediction with an Astrological theme.

Talking about Astrology and Numerology you pass a sealed prediction to a member of the audience for safekeeping and please note that you do not touch this prediction again – there is only one prediction and it is not switched or tampered with at any time.

Next you show your Astro Numerology Guide which has a series of “lucky numbers” running from one through to fifty-three. Against each number is a different playing card and also a lucky colour, a lucky day of the week and a gemstone.

None of the numbers have the same information next to them. Positively only one single-sided chart is used and again there is no switch involved.

Now you show six laminated cards on each side of which is a different Astrological sign – you point out that each sign has its number from one through to twelve that donates its position in the traditional Western Zodiac.

Any spectator mixes these – turning several cards over so that it is obvious that different number combinations have been formed.

The spectator now locates her own Zodiac sign (you have no idea what this is) and adds together the numbers that have been thus randomly formed – let’s say they total thirty-nine. The information on the Astro Numerology Chart is located and let’s say it reads: ‘39. Q.H. Purple. Fri. Turquoise.

Your prediction is now opened and read out loud by any spectator – it reads: ‘Your lucky number is 39, your lucky colour is purple and your lucky gemstone is Turquoise’.

As if this isn’t amazing enough there is a single playing card still in your prediction envelope – the Queen of Hearts!

YES you can repeat the effect at the next table or next show and a different card and combination will be revealed but your prediction will still be 100% correct.

Comes with laminated approx A6 size Zodiac Cards, A4 size Astro Numerology Guide & instructions. Write your own prediction & use your own playing card & envelope.

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