Mind Reach (Mr.'E')

Mind Reach (Mr.'E')

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The author Eddie Burke has been using this little-known method for apparently reading minds and making amazing predictions for over forty years.

It was originally available to the magic fraternity via King Tricks in the early 1950s, but since then it has been largely forgotten. You will be excited & delighted when you learn the very clever principle used.

As well as the most amazing book test routine EVER you will use this stunning principle for all kinds of ESP tests, word divinations, mind reading, pseudo memory stunts, two-person telepathy, voodoo effects and a whole host of mental ‘miracles’ that will truly increase your reputation!

The Book Test: Any spectator brings a book to your show from his own library. You have no reason to see it before show time. Several spectators write down a page and line number on simple (unfaked) blank cards.

These in turn are sealed in ordinary envelopes that are then mixed together by a spectator. Meanwhile, you write a prediction on a large card or slate, which is left in full view. One envelope is freely chosen and the card inside removed.

The borrowed book is opened at the selected page and the line on that page checked. This line is now read out aloud for the entire audience to hear. When checked with your prediction IT MATCHES ALMOST EXACTLY, WORD FOR WORD!

Truly a miracle effect! Use any book the card and envelopes can be obtained at any stationers. Very easy to do, requiring just a little handling practice. Ideal for test conditions mentalism.

Two extra bonus effects are also included in the comprehensive Mr. E booklet.

“Received ‘Mind Reach’ last week. I love it, bold, direct and so versatile” Paul Stedman, USA.

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