Al Koran's Medallion (using a marked Coin or Poker Chip)

Al Koran's Medallion (using a marked Coin or Poker Chip)

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One of our best sellers. Showing a large poker chip or coin, you have a spectator write his initials on one side and then insert it upright in the slot of a ring box. The box is closed and a spectator slips it into his pocket for safekeeping.

Three members of the audience now are each asked to name any single digit number from one through to nine. The numbers called are arranged in the order given to make a large three-digit number. Thus if the digits called are 7 – 6 – 8 the number formed would be 768.

The coin or poker chip is now removed from the box, which up to this moment has been secured in the spectator’s own pocket and the spectator’s initials are checked and found to be in order. The spectator is now requested to turn the poker chip over and to call out what is PERMANENTLY inscribed on its back – he does so and finds the very three-figure number just formed by the audience!

Please note that the number is freely formed by any three spectators; no stooges. The number is different at every performance. Only one coin or poker chip is used and the spectator freely writes his initials upon this. There is no switch for a duplicate one.

The spectator can now keep the Poker chip or coin as a souvenir to show all his friends spreading your name far and wide.

Alternative Presentations: Instead of a number you can ask a spectator to give you an exact time of day that is important to them such as 11:47; or their date of birth i.e. 29:11; or the last figure on three banknotes taken from three different spectators pockets and have these appear on the poker chip inside the box.

Comes with ring box, a supply of Poker Chips & Eddie’s own handling and instructions.
Use your own black permanent marker pen and notebook.

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