Arm Chopper De Luxe - Odd Bin Item

Arm Chopper De Luxe - Odd Bin Item

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1 in stock. Your audience will be truly startled when you state that you are going to magically chop off someone's hand, they then give a big sigh of relief when the magic works and no one comes to any harm. This is audience participation at its very best!

We now offer a new de luxe streamline version of this popular stage and cabaret item. The Arm Chopper is a guillotine type apparatus where you slice through your own or an assisting spectator's arm, without harm.

Arm Chopper De Luxe is an actual guillotine in miniature size; small enough to be carried easily from show to show and yet big enough in effect to startle any audience.

The apparatus we supply can be opened and shown devoid of trickery. The blade extends beyond the frame, allowing the audience to keep track of it at all times!

First you demonstrate that the blade is sharp by slicing through fruit or vegetables inserted in holes in the middle and bottom of the frame. You then position your own or a spectator's arm in the middle hole and a cucumber into the bottom hole and slam down the blade!

There is the sound of something hitting the table but to everyone's relief, it proves to be the cucumber or carrot.

The blade magically passes through the arm leaving it completely unharmed and yet it slices clean through the cucumber. The front of the apparatus may now be opened to show that the blade is now below the spectator’s hand, which can also be seen inside the blades frame. A clean and very convincing penetration effect.

This is a well-made prop in wood and metal, 16" high and 10.5" wide. Packs flat for transportation, with revolving legs that enable it to stand erect for performance.

While the prop is perfectly safe when used properly it is nevertheless not sold to juveniles. Arm Chopper De Luxe is a professional prop with which you will be proud to own and to use. A guaranteed thriller!
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