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Banana Mc Combical

Product ID: 3667

Banana McCombical is a laughter-filled PROFESSIONAL comedy routine that you really will love performing. Perfect for both your children and adults’ shows. Claiming to be attuned to an audience volunteer, you show the rest of the audience a predictio...

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Rainbow Cards Surprise

Product ID: 3666

One of the BEST effects ever with classic rainbow cards. Showing two sets of eight rainbow-backed playing cards, one set face up and the other set face down, a spectator mixes one set. Another spectator now chooses one of the two sets and this is also...

Only £9.99

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Astrological Mysteries

Product ID: 3665

Twenty-four Zodiac cards for you to perform several amazing and unusual effects all of which are easy to do! Imagine the following: Zodiac Clock: A spectator using their secret birth month chooses a Zodiac sign from your Zodiac clock, and you are a...

Only £19.99

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Multiplying Bananas Low-cost

Product ID: 3664

It’s time to go bananas! We supply two soft PVC bananas that you can use as Multiplying Bananas and in many other fun routines. Start by taking a banana from your grocery bag, then magically produce one banana, then another, then another, dropping t...

Only £10.99

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Animal Farm - jumbo size

Product ID: 3663

One of the best children’s effects ever & long off the magical market, this super, updated version based on Edwin’s Farmyard Frolics makes it a must-have for today’s magical entertainer. You introduce your ‘Animal Farm’ showing pictures of th...

Only £19.99

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Witch Cat - GIANT size

Product ID: 3662

Just remade and better than ever! Here is a great fun routine that you can add right into your children’s show, easy to perform plus very entertaining for both children & adults. You display three large picture cards consisting of a witch’s...

Only £24.99

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