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Product ID: 3953

Sometimes a low-cost item that you carry in your pocket can create more interest than a fancy expensive trick; such is the case here with our spectacular Spooktacular. You show three pictures of old thatched cottages explaining that you live in one of...

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Lollipop Surprise - With Dragon Mystery Box

Product ID: 3952

For two seasons at Alton Towers Hotel in Staffordshire, Eddie presented Lollipop Surprise around the breakfast tables, it went down very well, with each child magically receiving a yummy lollipop for after their morning meal! You show a small drawer bo...

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Instant Magic popsicle

Product ID: 3951

This is the Instant Popsicle effect. Produce a coloured Popsicle with the help of an audience volunteer. The apparatus supplied makes the trick almost automatic in working. An offbeat item for kid show performers – complete with the special “Foo Ca...

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Jumbo Spirit Nut

Product ID: 3950

View a video here The video is of the smaller size nut available elsewhere on this site. The performer shows a solid brass nut, which can be threaded on to a lace, string, or even over a knitting nee...

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The Card at Your Number is Predicted

Product ID: 3949

Leaving a small envelope containing a single card in full view you introduce a packet of Bicycle playing cards. You ask any spectator to freely name any number between one and ten, the spectator is handed the cards and counts down to her freely named n...

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Four-Card Swindle - jumbo size

Product ID: 3946

Loosely based on Joe Riding’s ‘Three Card Trick With Four Cards’, originally marketed by Ken Brooke. Edward Victor’s ‘EYE Trick’ and Martin Lewis’s ‘Sidewalk Shuffle’. Patter by Billy Day. You tell a fascinating story of, “A ‘Wi...

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