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Mark of Zero

Product ID: 3537

No, we are not talking about the popular film character Zorro, although I half suspect many of you will be tempted to mention his name in your patter. Our Mark of ZERO is a clever card effect that Zorro would probably have loved performing! Using two...

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Product ID: 3536

By Nick Frost, Based on a classic card effect by Arthur Carter. One of my favourite crazy prediction effects using blank cards, which Frost called Un-Cards; his name for cards that never were! Placing a written prediction in full view you show the blu...

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George Blake's Dream Poker

Product ID: 3535

This is a real gem of an effect using just an unfaked deck that needs no set-up and can be performed impromptu with a borrowed pack of fifty-two playing cards. An almost unbelievable routine in three different phases written up by George Blake and come...

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Ultra Menta Bicycle cards

Product ID: 3534

This just has to be one of the BEST card prediction effects ever! Just imagine what a sensation this trick will create at your next performance. You show an envelope leaving it in full view and also a number of different playing cards – and we do m...

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Wholesale orders

Product ID: 3533

Most of our exclusive items are available Wholesale to legitimate dealers, shops, market traders and others. There is a minimum first order in the UK of £150.00 plus postage, after which you can order as you like. Overseas the first order is £250....

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Topsy Turvey Clowns

Product ID: 3532

Not to be confused with our item Tricky Clowns. Two double-sided colourful pictures of clowns are shown, these pictures are shown to be on both sides. In addition to the clowns you also use two shown empty, unfaked, laminated sleeves representing the...

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