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Product ID: 3558

You display six different laminated Zenner cards consisting of Circle, Cross, Wavy Lines, Square, Star and Triangle. The cards are freely mixed together by a spectator and then each is clearly displayed so that a spectator merely thinks of any one of the...

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Zenner Miracle Match - Jumbo Size

Product ID: 3557

Following our release of this popular effect in regular size Zenner cards we have had several requests to also release it in Jumbo size cards suitable for stage & cabaret shows and here it is. We understand that Derren Brown has presented a Zenner matc...

Only £19.99

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Classic Number Prediction

Product ID: 3556

The prediction of a total formed by members of the audience is a magical classic and also the simplest trouble-free method just using a notepad that was secretly turned over. Unfortunately the right notepads were very difficult to obtain as most commerci...

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Giant Size Zennerism

Product ID: 3555

Truly Zensational! Here is our exclusive feature mentalism effect now with GIANT sized Zenner Cards, ideal for audience participation in your stage, cabaret, TV or parlour shows. You show a set of five giant ESP or Zenner cards consisting of a Star, Sq...

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Rainbow Envelopes Prediction

Product ID: 3554

A delightful mental-style effect with a clever laughter-filled finish! You display three different coloured small envelopes Red, White & Blue and show that each contains a single folded prediction paper inside. A lady freely chooses one of the envel...

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Ezy 'Fred' Bicycle Cards

Product ID: 3553

Here is our fantastic ‘Fred’ card routine, perfect for close-up or walkabout shows. Easy to do and reset in a moment. You show a small packet of Bicycle poker size cards, fanning them out to show both their faces and backs. Any spectator th...

Only £7.99

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