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Adair's The Question Is.....?

Product ID: 3715

Question Mark (?) Prediction You display two cardboard panels. Both identical in size. When arranged on top of each other , the audience clearly see a large bold question mark (?) printed on the top panel. When removed the panel displays the same que...

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Snow Drift

Product ID: 3714

Loosely based on our effect Snow Monster, Snow Drift is an unusual close-up card trick with a surprise climax! A few blank playing cards are shown front and back as you explain being snow white their true values cannot be seen as they are printed with...

Only £6.99

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Nutty Prediction

Product ID: 3713

This hilarious effect has good situation comedy and tremendous appeal that will slot anywhere into your act guaranteeing laughter & applause! You show a printed laminated jumbo card with a list of fruit & vegetables together with their prices per kilog...

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Adair's Eye-Spy Chart

Product ID: 3712

Self-contained, self-working & easy to do! Comedy magic at its very best! Here is a novel way to reveal a chosen playing card. This one is visual and unusual, and features comedy patter. A spectator selects a playing card from a deck, but doesn’t re...

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Life, Wisdom, Death

Product ID: 3711

We make no apology for marketing a new version of this trick - this is strong close-up magic with a devastating effect on any audience. A single laminated card is placed upon a table as your prediction. Three more laminated pictures are given to a spec...

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Flash Cocktail

Product ID: 3709

You display two transparent empty glasses and show your hands completely empty. Both glasses are placed together mouth to mouth. You hold the glasses like a cocktail shaker and move it as if you are mixing a drink, the glasses are shaken and vi...

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