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Our Latest Products

Foam Rock

Product ID: 3571

These highly compressible, sponge rocks are funny props that look like they're really heavy, authentic creations of Mother Nature! Fold one up concealed in your hand and then produce it from under a spectator's coat or inside his hat. Make it mag...

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Marked Deck - Bicycle Design

Product ID: 3570

A marked deck of playing cards where you can tell the identity of every card simply from the back is one of the most useful card packs permitting you to perform literally hundreds of tricks. This quality Bicycle bridge sized Marked Deck is one of the...

Only £12.99

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Clear Force Bag

Product ID: 3569

As its name implies, this quality clear force bag is completely see-through. Spectators will never guess that they do not have a free choice. The bag has three compartments, so you can force more than one object at a time. Made from heavyweigh...

Only £7.99

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Multiplying Bananas

Product ID: 3568

Time to go Bananas! We supply two sponge Bananas that you can use as Multiplying Bananas and in other routines. Start by taking a banana from a grocery bag, then magically produce one banana, then another, then another, etc. dropping them all into...

Only £19.99

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Nesting Wallets set of 3

Product ID: 3567

A borrowed & marked coin is found Inside the third Wallet Inside the second Wallet inside the first Wallet! Have a coin borrowed and marked, then cause it to vanish! A small black wallet is removed from your pocket, the wallet is opened and another...

Only £9.99

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Crystal Pendulum

Product ID: 3566

You show your audience a clear Crystal Pendulum on a chain and demonstrate how it swings right to left for yes and in a circle for no. Now show five cards each with star on both sides and then you turn your back asking your audience to choose one of t...

Only £12.99

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