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Jumbo McCombe

Product ID: 3506

This is the original effect of Billy McCombe hilarious comedy effect using Jumbo size cards. Fun, easy and amazing! The performer predicts a playing card and removes it from a quantity he shows and in plain view of the audience. A spectator, se...

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Five Cards Mystery

Product ID: 3505

You show your hand of five poker sized Bicycle playing cards that you received in a game last night, calling them your lucky hand or unlucky hand if you prefer! The five cards are mixed together and dropped into your examined and empty pocket, or alter...

Only £7.99

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Impromptu Three-Way Prediction

Product ID: 3504

Borrow a pack of playing cards and have them shuffled and cut by your spectator and write a prediction on the back of your business card leaving it in full view, then turn your back or don a genuine blindfold. Your spectators now deal three piles...

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Blooming Bouquet - Five flowers

Product ID: 3503

You display a bouquet of yellow feather flowers which you or your lady friend do not particularly like. You pluck the flowers off the bouquet and throw them away, or better still, perhaps vanishing them in a large Devil's Hanky leaving only a bunch of...

Only £20.99

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Three Dice Mysteries

Product ID: 3502

A Mr E Enterprises exclusive Three Dice Mysteries are cleverly routined and astounding tricks with which to mystify your friends and audiences, they can also be carried in your pocket always ready to perform. Three examined dice are stacked up...

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Product ID: 3501

This is proving to be one of my favourite close-up effects; it really is a fooler and a lot of fun! You write a prediction (perhaps on the back of your business card for people to take away), which is left writing side down in full view. Asking for...

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