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The Madness Behind the Methods - 3 Full Length DVDs - Odd Bin - Last One

Product ID: 3446

Be prepared for the most hilarious performances, lectures on expert card magic and world class entertainment. Filmed in both the studio & before live audiences in Lake Tahoe. Simon Lovell will amaze you! Simon shares in-depth his greatest magic sec...

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Mental Mask - Odd Bin last one

Product ID: 3445

Just found in our warehouse this superb prop first sold by Magictrix House of Magic (Eddie's previous business). A superb Comedy Mind reading Prop remade better than ever before. The very first one was made for Tommy Cooper and he was absolutely delig...

Only £45.00

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Tarot Miracle

Product ID: 3444

A Mr E Exclusive You display nine different Tarot cards. The cards are freely mixed together by a spectator, each is then clearly displayed and a spectator merely thinks of any one of them (no force). Using your, “special powers” or utilising p...

Only £8.99

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Tarot Killer

Product ID: 3443

One of the BEST effects ever with Tarot cards. Showing two duplicate sets of twelve Tarot cards arranged in the same order, a spectator mixes one set and both are clearly shown to be in a different order to each other. Another spectator now freely choo...

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Scarf or Rope Thru' Neck

Product ID: 3442

A superb classic penetration illusion. A long scarf or a length of rope is wrapped just once around your neck then suddenly & mysteriously it passes clean through without injury! The scarf can also be knotted at the front and after penetrating through...

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Thought Reflection

Product ID: 3441

Eddie Joseph’s brilliant Thought Reflection is just as strong today as when he first released it through Max Andrews many years ago. Mentalism is today’s miracles and here is a one-man mental effect which is completely out of the ordinary. There is...

Only £12.99

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