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Card Explosion

Product ID: 3637

You place a prediction paper in full view & never touch it again, then showing a small number of playing cards or even a full deck, you have it thoroughly shuffled and mixed by a spectator, who then dramatically tosses all the cards into the air so that t...

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ESP Jumbo Copy Cats

Product ID: 3636

Nick Trost's popular effect Copy Cats is always a winner, now available in jumbo ESP cards and very easy to do! Ten laminated jumbo-sized ESP cards are dealt face down into two piles of five cards and both you and a participant each select one pile whi...

Only £9.99

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Four of a Kind - Almost

Product ID: 3635

Four of a kind i.e. four sixes of hearts, spades, diamonds and clubs (sets vary) are displayed and any spectator names one of them without your influencing or forcing their choice. Amazingly, their chosen card proves to be the only one with a different...

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Sword Through Arm

Product ID: 3634

View a video here A large metal cuff is put around a hapless spectator's arm and a silver sword is then pushed through the cuff, penetrating apparently right through the spectator's arm! The effect i...

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Two Fishy Tails

Product ID: 3633

You tell the tale of two competitors Fred and Bill in an angling competition, both arguing about who has caught the biggest fish. Two funny-looking fish are shown, one coloured red and the other coloured blue and both seem to be the same size however o...

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Spots Before Your Eyes

Product ID: 3632

Based on a classic comedy effect and now with a super new climax, Spots Before Your Eyes will have your audience rubbing them with amazement! You show your audience a laminated A5 jumbo card with a single black spot at its centre, which you then pass b...

Only £12.99

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