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ESP Perfect Match

Product ID: 3548

Six ESP Zenner symbol cards are placed face up in a row across a table. You show six other cards with different coloured backs explaining that these are all duplicate Zenner signs as used in ESP testing experiments by the Duke University in the USA....

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Product ID: 3547

Mr E Proudly Present: You display two sets of six laminated plaques each printed like the numbers on a die from one through to six. One set has blue backs and the other set has red backs. Taking two of the red-backed plaques you position these in ful...

Only £8.99

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Die Ception

Product ID: 3546

You show six laminated square plaques each spotted like a die from one to six and six sealed envelopes also marked with the numbers one to six which are laid out in full view of the audience with their numbers uppermost. The die plaques are shuffled,...

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Confusing Coins

Product ID: 3545

You show a silver coin and a copper coin in your palm asking your spectators to “watch closely” as you close your hand. You now remove quite openly the silver coin asking, “What is left?” they naturally reply, “The copper coin.” You say, ...

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Gordon the Giant Gorilla

Product ID: 3544

Here is a low cost fun trick for your new children’s show featuring a picture of a giant gorilla. Telling the classic story of Gordon the friendly giant gorilla who was so large he frightened some of the inhabitants of the local village, so a number...

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Think-Animal Mr E

Product ID: 3543

Based on our popular ‘Think-A-Drink’ effect but using animal pictures and so making it suitable for children’s shows. Lots of extra fun when you have the children make the animal noises. You show your spectators twelve jumbo sized laminated card...

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