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Sucker Club

Product ID: 3803

by Douglas Hood This comedy sucker effect can be carried in your pocket ready to perform whenever the right moment presents itself. Perfect to use on a heckler or any likely dupe! You have six laminated cards about the size of poker playing cards a...

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Your Card Revealed

Product ID: 3802

The perfect climax for your card routine! From the people who gave you The Missing Spade and Correct Card comes this screamingly funny card trick. You show a jumbo-sized card peeping out of the top of an A5 sized envelope and explain this is your predi...

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Hopping Silk

Product ID: 3801

You display a square board with five holes, and a red silk is pushed through one of the corner holes. The board is passed behind your back, and the silk is found to have jumped to an adjacent corner. This is repeated several times but the spectators s...

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Clock Dial Penetration

Product ID: 3800

This is a very convincing penetration effect of a pencil, silk or something else - through a clear glass sheet with a clock face upon it. The performer displays a clear clock dial with a rotating clock hand. The hand is rotated freely as the performe...

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ESP Free Choice

Product ID: 3797

Five laminated, coloured ESP cards consisting of a Circle, Cross, Wavy Lines, Star and Square are taken out of an envelope and displayed face up in a row across the table. A screwed-up banknote or a paper ball if you prefer is given to your spectator w...

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Christmas Frolics - Jumbo A5 size

Product ID: 3796

One of the best children’s effects ever & long off the magical market, our super, updated version based on Edwin’s Farmyard Frolics makes it a must-have for today’s magical entertainer. You introduce Santa’s house in the snow showing pictures o...

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