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Carrot is a great comedy routine along the lines of McCombical Prediction but using fruit & vegetables creating much comedy and with an amazing applause-pulling climax!

A small bag obviously containing something is given to a lady spectator as your prediction, together with a tin can with its label missing which you explain that you obtained cheaply at your local supermarket as no one could say what the tin contained.

A gentleman is brought forward and seated behind you as you claim to show several cards containing fruit and vegetables sold at a supermarket and you will have the gentleman choose one which will match your prediction in the bag and the tin.

As you show the audience the cards you call out different names, apples, bananas, carrots etc but the audience are amused to see that all the cards each really have just a picture of a single carrot; it is clear you are about to force this selection onto your hapless victim. The gentleman chooses just one card.

Now follows some comedy as you try to name his chosen picture but he insists you have got it wrong.

You eventually name a carrot – but his card contains a picture of beans! It appears that your magic trick has gone wrong!

The lady holding the prediction bag opens it and finds instead of the expected carrot it contains a can opener, this is now used to open the unmarked tin the contents of which are poured into a small clear dish and proves to be baked beans in a sauce which will be ideal for your supper, beans on toast after your show!

(Alternatively remove a carrot from the bag so it really does appear your trick has gone hopelessly wrong).

If you wish an earlier missing signed playing card or a signed banknote can also magically drop out of the beans’ can.

An alternative fruit card is also supplied if you don’t fancy producing beans.

Comes with laminated cards (approx. 160 x 220 mm) & instructions. Use you own can of beans (or fruit) and tin opener.

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