Adair's Traffic Light Chips - Close-up

Adair's Traffic Light Chips - Close-up

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Ian Adair’s Traffic Light Chips lends itself to a terrific traffic light patter theme, using red, yellow and green chips. It is ideal for all ages.

Three chips are shown one red, one yellow (amber) and one green, they are covered with a pocket or paper handkerchief – preferably borrowed.

The red one is removed as you say, “Red is for stop so you must stop and think which colour I have removed!” The chip is shown on both sides and then pocketed.

Reaching under the handkerchief again you remove the yellow (amber) chip as you say, “The second chip I remove is amber – which means get ready – so get ready for what is going to happen next!” The yellow (amber) chip is also pocketed.

You continue: “Only one chip is left – the green and green is for go – please uncover the last chip yourself, I don’t want to touch it!”

The spectator uncovers the last chip himself to discover it is absolutely clear and completely transparent the colour has absolutely vanished from out of it, as you remark, “The green for go – has gone!”

This is a wonderful and very different effect that will give you and your audience’s loads of fun – far in excess of the small price charged for the chips, routine and instructions.

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