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Worlds Beyond by Paul Curry - gently used second hand book

Product ID: 3579

Paul Curry inventor of Out of this World said by many to be the greatest card trick of the twentieth century - inventor of the Curry turnover change, inventor of Touch an impossible dual card prediction that has been performed and marketed for over sixty...

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Comedy Perverse Spots

Product ID: 3578

George Blake named this sort of magic as “Perverse Comedy” and when you present this in your show both you and your audiences will absolutely love it! Place a laminated A6 size jumbo card with a large colourful question mark in full view as your pr...

Only £9.99

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Ex-Septional Prediction

Product ID: 3577

One of the easiest and thoroughly baffling ESP predictions ever! You show a flapless envelope (4.5 inches square) with a single prediction card peeping out of its top and place it in full view of the audience. A further six cards each with a differe...

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Conjuring For Ca$h by Donn Davison

Product ID: 3576

This is a gently used hardback book of perhaps 200 pages and could be a rare find for a collector or someone interested in the business side of magic and is the original 1977 volume self-published by Donn Davison, the large pages are not numbered so the n...

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Magic Card Case

Product ID: 3575

With this special card case you can make playing cards vanish, change or appear simply by shutting the case and then opening it again. Nicely made of black plastic it is suitable for playing cards up to Poker size and fastens with a simple clip arrange...

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Richard Himber The Man & His Magic - second hand gently used

Product ID: 3572

First edition 1980 publisher Magico Magazine. Chapter 1 Himber Remembered Chapter 2 Secrets of Himber's Retail Magic Chapter 3 The Secrets of Himber's Magic Chapter 4 Himber's Book, Magazine Tests, and Mental effects. 127-page hardback book...

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